The Modern Mans Guide To Workout Gear

The modern man is complex, fashionable, and versatile. It really is no wonder the market has shifted toward the inclusion and expansion of the modern man’s workout gear.

To lay things out simply, men deserve to have excellent workout gear to accompany their active lifestyles. So here are our recommendations for the modern man looking to find his perfect workout gear.

Men are versatile. They love to wear the same outfit from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to bed. Finding an outfit that will satisfy them during all aspects of their day is an absolute must. Men will choose to wear whatever is simplest, most comfortable, and most convenient.

With this in mind, finding articles of clothing that are sleek, neutral, and easy to wear often sell faster than alternative articles of clothing. This is because a man can wear a sleek pair of black workout pants and a tee shirt to the grocery store just as easily as he can wear them out to the gym. Mens sports shorts are becoming increasingly popular, for example. Versatility truly is key when building up the modern man’s workout wardrobe. 

Finding the right material to wear is nearly as important as versatility for the man looking to get the best results out of his workout. Buying a heavily-lined fleece sweatshirt may not work best for the man looking to take an afternoon jog in the peak of July. Knowing material is just as important as knowing your name when it comes to finding the right workout gear.

Choose materials that are lightweight, moisture-wicking, and stretchy These types of materials generally work best all year long, particularly when exercising in a temperature-consistent space. These materials keep men from getting too warm. The right material will also keep men from chafing by pulling moisture away from the skin during a vigorous workout. 

Stick to soft materials. Having rough, scratchy, or non-breathable materials laying on the skin during a workout will create a very unhappy man with a very uncomfortable situation. Comfort and practicality are priorities when choosing workout gear.

Honesty is the best policy when choosing the right items to add to a man’s collection of workout gear. Don’t choose an item for it’s trendy pattern when what you really need is a sturdy pair of supportive athletic shoes. Don’t pick out the funniest tee shirt in the store when what you really need is a tank-top for that long run through the forest.

Know what you need to get out of your workout gear. If you need something warm for the winter, then buy the fleece-lined sweatpants you’ve been looking at for a while. If you need something light and loose pick the tank top with the wide arm holes. Men’s athletic fashion is trendy right now, but make sure that what you buy is what you need and save yourself a few extra trips to the store.

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