How Every Business Can Use Technology To Grow

There is no short supply of applications and software offering small business owners tools they can use in the continued growth of their businesses. With cell phones and technology now allowing us to work any time,any place it is no wonder small business owners have come to rely on technology as a staple in their businesses success.

VoIP Technology and the Telephone Transformation.
Take the telephone for instance. At one time, to run a successful call-center a business owner needed a large office with hundreds of cubicles, desks, headsets, and telephones with multi-function capabilities.

These centers will need equipment for the high traffic they receive and give the workers the abilities to answer and support customer inquiries as they come in. In 2016 the call center can now be operated by a single computer program and workers are no longer required to work on-site to do their jobs using internet based VoIP technology to run their telephone systems and call queues.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offers low-cost calling for the small business for both inbound and outbound calling, from anywhere. Using just a cell phone, small business owners can set-up software to take calls even when they’re ‘out of the office’ and no longer need to rely solely on answering services and voicemail. They can conduct business from anywhere that has a wi-fi connection.

For as little as $0.001/per minute, businesses can now take their office phone on the road at a fraction of the cost hard-wired retailers offer. It’s easy to use and now small business owners won’t miss that important phone call by leaving the office. Instead, they have the tools and technology on just their cell phone to take calls and direct them to employee’s as needed. They also have a myriad of other tools they can equip on their cellphones and laptops to make sure work never stops, no matter where they are.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a software that allows small business owners to record,track,and contact their clients from one place. They can also use advanced tools such as inventory management, sales queue’s to sort leads, and various other add-on’s offered to make sure their clients and leads are getting the best customer service available.

The CRM is the single most important hub to any business. They serve as the database containing customer information as well as an overview of how the business is performing. Sales reps can input their leads and update the process as they continue to nurture leads over time.

This tool is essential for success for the direct sales professional as it records all customer data and keeps them organized as they build their teams and client base.

Internet Job Boards
Technology has also offered a unique workforce that small business owners have turned to when in need of temporary workers. The ‘gig economy’ as it is now referred as is wide-spread and made up of freelance and contract workers looking for gigs in their preferred markets.

The internet offers not only resources to do the work but also the resources to hire the workers needed to do it. Internet job boards such as and offer employers a place to create ads in search of workers.

For example, Streakers Cleaning Brisbane can add new positions for Window Cleaning Professional’s on a flexible, per job basis or, add new job requests for long-term employees. The job offered is then available to a larger audience than just local newspaper ads.

Technology and the Future Small Business
Technology offers the small business more ways to grow now than it did in the recent past. As it too grows and conforms to the gig economy, and the ever pressing need to save time, we will see a whole new type of devices and apps that encourage growth and more potential for success for small businesses everywhere.

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