3 Reasons To Get Your Kids Wooden Toys This Christmas

Toys are specifically meant to help children think, learn, and create while ensuring the activities are enjoyable and worthwhile. Even with the new age of digital services, toys are still useful in getting children experience a better childhood that’s more than just sitting behind the computer and other electrical devices.

But what type of toys should you buy your child this Christmas? Have you considered buying them wooden toys? While these can be quite rigid, their plastic counterparts are not only a threat to the health of your child, but they can also end up as another regular financial liability if the child keeps breaking them and demanding for others.
Nonetheless, here are three more reasons you should add wooden toys to our Christmas shopping list:

1. Wooden toys enhance the child’s imagination
Great wooden toys teach a child one of the most powerful and useful skills; focused imagination. The fact that these toys don’t run on batteries that require the child to concentrate on a single or multiple screens but mainly use engraved or painted artistic impressions enhances the child’s imagination. Additionally, most of these wooden toys have minimalistic distractions that help the child’s developing brain learn how to focus on one particular object at a time. This low level of distraction minimizes stress and ensures the child is likely to spend more time with the wooden toy.

2. Wooden toys aren’t chemically synthesized 
At some point in time, small toys will get their way to the child’s mouth. However, this should only concern you in the case of plastic toys, with the BPA and Phthalates warnings and uncertainties over what chemicals the plastic toy manufacturer uses in their production, these toys can pose health threats to your child. On the other hand, the only concern with wooden toys was the use of leaded paint in their decoration that was alleviated by the global abolishment of the use of lead as an industrial raw material. By buying your children wooden toys this Christmas, you won’t have to worry constantly if they end up in these young one’s mouths.

3. Wooden toys don’t over stimulate
Plastic toys are synonymous with different sounds and jiggles as well as multi-colored displays supposedly meant to keep the child attracted. But are you aware of the effect exposure to such overstimulation displays and sounds have on your child? They alter proper functioning of the child’s brain leading to a buildup of stress that affects them negatively. Exposure to such stressful affects the child’s concentration that may result in irregular sleep patterns.

Bottom line
When thinking of the ultimate Christmas toy gift for your child, only go for the wooden toy. You will, however, note that wooden toys are a little bit more expensive than the plastic toys, primarily because most are handcrafted. But compare these additional costs to the health and developmental threats posed by the plastic toys to your child’s well-being. Additionally, though these wooden toys can be quite expensive, they almost always outlast the plastic ones and are environmental-friendly as well. 

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