Graphicstudio on the University of South Florida campus and the Tampa Museum of Art came together in a unique partnership to celebrate the outstanding work that has come out of this very special, research-based atelier located right on USF campus.

Graphicstudio began in 1968 as the brainchild of Donald Saff, who developed what Curator of the Collection of the USF Contemporary Art Museum, Peter Foe calls the “premiere house for experimentation in printmaking.”

As printmaking technology advanced with Graphicstudio on the cutting edge, it has been a part of the democratization of art. Printmaking enables artwork to be reproduced, making work more accessible for museums and individual collectors. This in turn greatly expands the reach of great works of art.

In recognition of the immense quality of the work produced by Graphicstudio by most of the leading contemporary and emerging artists of our time, the National Gallery of Art has become the official archive for all work produced at the studio, where an edition of each work is housed.

Coupling the international talents of artists ranging from Jim Dine, Robert Rauschenberg, Louise Bourgeois, to Christian Marclay, recently named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world, with a willingness to take risks and to engage in the kind of experimentation that is the hallmark of a Research One university, USF is the site of the creation of masterpieces.

“Uncommon Practice” featured over 100 works by 45 artists. Stay tuned for a larger feature story on the collaboration between the Tampa Museum of Art and Graphicstudio.

“Uncommon Practice at USF” collaborative exhibit at the Tampa Museum of Art
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